Why Play to Chass

Discover Now Why Chess have benefits for real world

Critical Thinking

After chess game, we are analize every move, and child learn how to learn from own mistakes.

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Chess pieces are moving differently. Chess player improve creativity to connect all pieces tougether.

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First games are lack of good concentration, but when child play chess then concentartion is improved significantly.

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Chess community.

Chess community is huge in the word and every day chess is more and more popular.

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What we learn

Between games we are learning about chess.

The young chess players can learn how to solve chess problems and typical chess motives.

The opening, the middle game and endgame is the theory they learn and practice enjoying games against club mates.

Latest Chess Camps

We Provide Awesome Program To Learn and Improve chess skills.

Young players

Age is not important, very often childrean are better players than adults.

Why Choose Us

Hampshire Junior Chess Asotiation, organize chess tournaments in Winchester

Competing in chess tournament is also very important for chess improvement. That is how children develop critical thinking skills. It's not easy to win a game and to win a tournament is a dream for a lot players. There are a lot of age categories or ranking categories. But only few can win. Winning a tournament is a huge success.

Play tournaments

Preparation for the chess tournament, help to games.

Chess Laboratory

First playing tournamnet, to analize later games, and improve!!!

Events & Party

Chess tournament is like party, where child can meet a lot of friends

Special Education

First, learn and play later.