From 4/09/22 until 16/10/22

The Winchester Junior Chess Club will be run online via Zoom platform.

To attend the chess club online, please contact me at and

I will provide a zoom link for the session.

The fee for online session is £5.

The Winchester Junior Chess Club will run Online from 07/08/2022 to 16/10/2022

At the club children learn how to play chess and play against club mates.
Fide Chess Instructor and coach for Hampshire Chess Association (Lukasz Piecha) helps every young chess player to play chess better whether they are begginners or already advanced players. At the club all levels are welcome and your child will always have someone to play against. New members are always welcome. Meetings are on Sundays mornings (11:00 – 12:00) at the Badger Farm Community Centre (adjacent to Sainsbury's)

  • The Winchester Junior Chess Club organises events throughout the year, and the most important one is Chess Camp, running all half-terms and holidays. The next one starts in
  • The current fee for Sunday Chess Club is £10 drop in or £8 per session if paid monthly in advance.
  • Chess Camp fee is £35 each day or £30 with early bird discount.

The Winchester Junior Chess Club is open on Sunday mornings from 11am to 12pm. At Winchester Junior Chess Club children play chess together, learn and improve chess skills. The Junior Chess Club is run by:
Lucas Piecha(Fide Chess Instructor and Hampshire Junior Chess Association Trainer.)

Chess improve focus and concentration

While playing chess the child needs to think about the best move to win the game, and every child wants to win. Each played game is better and at the same time the concentration and focus are improved.

Chess improve patience

To make the best move child needs to spend time thinking, and every game the patience is significantly improved.

Learn from scratch

The chess club and chess camp are for everybody who is interested in chess, itdoes not matter if they are a begginer or a more advanced chess player.

The most important thing is that children enjoy this game.

Come to visit Junior Winchester Chess Club and your child will learn chess in a safe and friendly environment.

What is chess

It's not just a game.


In chess you need to think a few moves ahead. The best players can analize about 20 moves ahead, but for most of the chess players it is enough to think only a few moves ahead. The more moves ahead you can think of the more likely you are to win the game. This way we train our imagination, a very important thing in real life.

Focus and Concentration

While playing chess you will improve more than just chess skills.
You will improve concentration and focus, critical thinking, patience, decision making and a lot more.


To win the game you need to be very creative, you need to create a plan and change it when your oponent understands your plan and is going to prevent you from going ahead with your plan. At the same time you need to try and understand what your oponent wants to do, and stop his plan. This way you will improve your creativity while playing chess. Every game will be more creative than a previous one.

Start to play.

Join us, and start your amazing chess adventure. Get to know new interseting people, play and talk about chess.

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Chess help in life.

When you start playing, you will never want to stop!!!

Happy Player Every game is important, and winning makes you feel happy and accomplished.

Learm from mistakes When you lose a game, just learn a lesson from it. Try to find you mistakes, and try not to make the same mistake when you play again.

Years of experience In chess it is important to get experience to improve, and the best way to get experience is by playing and later analyzing those games.

Learn Learning opening, middlegame and endgame will help you improve your skils but another important thing is solving chess problems also known as chess puzzles.


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Badger Farm Community Centre
2 Badger Farm Rd,
Winchester SO22 4QB
(adjacent to Sainsbury's)