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About my 1 to 1 online chess lessons

Your child will learn playing chess, about strategy, tactics, check mate motifs and more chess tricks, improve calculating variants and thinking ahead. They will also improve their focus and  concentration, all in a funny and friendly environment. Some people learn chess on their own and hence might improve very slowly. That is why it is valuable to start working with a chess tutor, in order to gain knowledge quicker. This may result in starting to win a lot of games in tournaments or just friendly games. When I started working with a trainer myself, I realised that my chess skills started improving very quickly.

Chess levels: 

They will learn the basics of chess if at beginner level, or push their skill to a more advanced level, if had some previous experiences.

Why 1-to-1 online chess lessons:

My 1 - to -1 classes focus particularly on the weaknesses and strengths. I quickly deal with any doubts and directly answer your child’s questions and help solve any issues or misunderstandings. For that reason, 1-to-1 is more effective than group classes and is the best and at same time the quickest way to learn or improve chess skills.


Methods I use:

I teach in multiple London Primary Schools where I use proven effective methods for teaching chess successfully. I will use the same method while working with your child.



The software I use to deliver the lessons are ZOOM or SKYPE  and CHESS.COM board analysis.

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