Chess Course

Chess Course with certificate from FIDE Chess Instructor and NAME OF WEBPAGE. 




One lesson per week


Two lesson per week 


Total course (20 hours - two weeks in total)



Times of lessons to be agreed - Monday to Friday.


 Beginner level: 

Lesson 1 – Quick introduction: what is a chess board, coordinates and how to move the pieces

Lesson 2 – The pawn moves, and how to play with Pawn: Part I

Lesson 3 – Coronation with Pawn and practice game with Pawn only: Part II

Lesson 4 – The rook moves, capture with rook. Game with rooks and Pawn only.

Lesson 5 – The Bishop moves, captures and practice game with Pawns

Lesson 6 – The Queen moves, Captures and practice the queen with Pawns and rook. 

Lesson 7 – The night moves and practice to capture other pieces. 

Lesson 8 – Exercises with Night. Tactics with Night.

Lesson 9 – The king move: How to capture with king.  

Lesson 10 – What is castling. When we can do castling.

Lesson 11 – What is check, what is checkmate: Introduction.

Lesson 12 – Checkmate motifs, Queen and King. 

Lesson 13 – Checkmate motifs with Rook and King.

Lesson 14 – Checkmate motifs with two Rooks. 

Lesson 15 – Checkmate motifs, Queen and Bishop and Queen and Nights. 

Still mate 

Lesson 16 – Chess notation.

Lesson 17 – Importance of center.

Lesson 18 – Opening introduction. 

Lesson 19 – Middle game introduction.  

Lesson 20 – Endgame introduction. 


Upon completion of the course, after the student submits the required coursework successfully, he/she will receive an online certificate.