In Chess classes online, you or your child will learn how to play chess, from complete beginner to intermediate level. 

Depending on your level, the lessons will be tailored adequately.


You will learn how to move the pieces, how to make a checkmate, what is a double attack, discovered attack, skewer, and more chess game techniques.


But if you already know chess basics, you will learn more about strategy, opening tramps, endgames or tactics in middle game.


Every technique for teaching chess was used in London Primary schools with success and is proved to be very effective.  


One lesson takes one hour, the price is dependent on different offers and needs:


One lesson per week


Two lesson per week 


Total course (20 hours - two weeks in total)



 Chess is not only a competitive game. Learning to play chess is also a great way to improve concentration, memory and self-control.

Times of lessons to be agreed - Monday to Friday.

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